Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do utilities cost?
Determining utilities is difficult because there are many variables that dictate the cost of one persons bill versus another. In light of this, we do not give quotes on utilities. We do however recommend that you budget for at least what you are paying for utilities at the moment (if you pay them). An important note is utility costs are higher in the Winter months and lower in the Summer/Spring months.

2) Can I pay deposits at the showing?
No, you cannot pay the security/damage deposit or pet fees at the time of the showing. We appreciate that certain potential tenants are eager to secure a property but we have a process that must be followed. We also do not accept cash for deposits. To pay a deposit you must have filled out an application, have the application approved by the owner, and have been sent a lease. Upon signing a lease, you will get instructions on paying the damage deposit.

3) Who is Ripple Property Group and RE/MAX Commercial Properties?
Ripple Property Group is the  property management team working under the brokerage RE/MAX House of Real Estate, located at 4034 16 Street SW.

4) What happens to the damage of a property I am interested in?
Properties are shown and leased in “as is condition”. Meaning, any damage that a property has will be noted upon showings and walkthroughs and if the tenant wishes it be fixed, we ask the owner for approval to proceed.

5) How will I know when a property I have applied for has been taken off the market (rented or otherwise)?
If you have scheduled a viewing with us and you have missed out on securing that property, you will receive an email informing you that the property is no longer available for rent.

6) How does your late policy for showings work?
Our team members arrive at all properties 10 minutes before the first scheduled showing and only stay 10 minutes after the last scheduled showing. If you are running late please let the showing agent know in advance via email or text to see if they can accommodate. Remember, showing agents must move from property to property on a tight schedule so not all late requests can or will be accommodated.

7) Once I have signed a lease for a property, what are the next steps?
Once you have viewed a property, filled out an application, signed the lease, have been approved by the owner, and paid all deposits you are transferred to our tenant onboarding team. They will be in contact with you 3-4 business days after you have completed the leasing process to book your move in.

8) Who decides who gets approved?
We are the property managers, therefore we do not own any of the properties in our portfolio. Owners of each property get final say on who is approved and reserve the right to reject any applicant for a verity of reasons.

9) What gives me the best chance of being approved to rent a property?
Many factors go into approval but a few important items that help you secure a property are as follows: good credit score (650+), acceptable employment, and timely responses (getting applications, lease signatures, deposits submitted as soon as possible).

10) Can I reserve a property?
The only way for us to temporarily hold a property for you is if you have already submitted an application, been approved, signed a lease, and paid a damage deposit for the property you wish to rent.