Real Property Management Bakersfield
Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I see a property?
Please visit our website to view available showing times and click "Search Rentals". We use an automated system to schedule showing times with either our showing coordinator or using a code box available at the property. Our automated system will coordinate confirmations and cancellations with you. In the event that your showing is cancelled by our system it is often times because the property has been secured by deposit or an emergency has come up. In either event we will reach out to try to schedule a new showing time or a showing for a similar property if you’re interested or you can revisit our list of available homes to schedule a new showing.

2) What do you need to qualify to rent?
When you turn in an application, we will:Call your previous landlord references. Be sure to provide the names and telephone numbers (home & work preferred) of, at minimum, 3 previous years worth of rental history from individuals not related to you.Be sure to include your move-in and move-out dates and the exact house or apartment number. If you had a roommate on the lease contract, their name would be helpful as a point of reference, as well.Verify your income source and level:Your legal and verifiable monthly income should be at least 3 times the rental amount. If you are self-employed please provide your latest tax returns as well as 3 months worth of bank statements. Please contact of your references so they know we will be calling. If your employer is a large company that does not provide verification, please provide at least one fullmonth of pay stubs.Pull a credit report for each applicant:We use the credit report to tell us if you have a history of honoring contractual agreements and paying bills on time. If you have open collections to a previous landlord, your application will be automatically denied. If you have a low credit score (below 550) you will be denied.Check the courts for prior criminal and civil actions:We obtain a national criminal history search to see if you have any felony convictions or domestic assault and abuse convictions. If there is a felony, drug conviction, or domestic assault and abuse conviction within the past 7 years, the application will be automatically denied.See full criteria at this link.

3) What is our Resident Care Plan?
Our Resident Care Plan is for the enrollment and continued access to the Rental Rewards program, online portal access, 24/7 maintenance hotline, and Property Meld. Additionally, it includes a rental insurance policy that covers $25,000 of personal belongings, a liability policy that covers up to $100,000, and a loss of use policy that covers up to 24 months, all underwritten by State Farm.

4) How do I know if a property is still available?
If the property is listed on our website, it is still available – Since we receive applications 24 hours a day via website, we never know when a new application may come in. When you send in your application, we will email, text or call you within one business day to let you know the status of your application. If someone ahead of you is approved and takes the property, your application is still good for any other property we manage, just so long as you qualify.

5) Where are you located?
Our office is located at 5201 California Avenue Suite 440, Bakersfield, CA 93309.

6) How do I apply for a rental?
Application fee is $40 per adult.The applications are found on our website, located on the listing page, Only apply once to your primary property of interest, your application is valid for 3 months. If your property of interest changes, simply email support with a new property of interest. If you are interested in more than one property of interest with our company, there is a section on the application where you can include your second and third choice, you will only be processed for one property at a time. If you need help contact our office at 661.379.6923 during normal business hours.

7) What is the $99 documentation fee?
This fee is for the preparation of the lease, corresponding documents, and for conducting both the move-in inspection and the move-out inspection and providing digital copies with pictures.

8) How long will it take to process my application?
Applications are processed in 3 business days once a complete application is received. Complete means that we have received the application and all requested documentation.We process applications as quickly as possible. Often, we have to wait for return phone calls from landlords and employers.We must verify your employment, rental history, and credit. We need the last three years of history from your landlord(s) and this can be the most difficult part of your application to verify. We will call you if we are having trouble obtaining any information. If we cannot verify information quickly, we have to move on to another application. If we already are processing someone else’s application on the property you apply for, your application may have to wait for that application to be completed. Make sure the name of your landlord is the owner of the property or the property management company. Providing daytime phone numbers can shorten the turnaround time when messages have to be left.