Metropolitan Real Estate
Frequently Asked Questions

1) Office Hours/Location
Our office is located at 4500 N 32nd St Phoenix AZ 85018. Office hours are Monday through Friday by appointment only. I just sent you a text message with the company website.

2) Pet Policy
Our company policy indicates that we do not accept cats.  No more than three pets are allowed. There is a one-time nonrefundable charge of $150 and $20/month in pet rent per pet. No pet fees will apply to animals legally designated as service or assistance.

3) Property Reserve
We do not HOLD properties until after applications are approved and the $450 earnest deposit is received. We hold properties for a maximum of 2 weeks after approval. For an addition 2 weeks, you will be required to pay $500 more toward your move-in costs.  Think of it as putting the home on lay away!

4) Short Term Leases
Some of our properties allow short-term, temporary, or corporate housing.  The listing should notate which ones meet this criteria

5) Bankruptcies
No applicant can have an open bankruptcy of record.

6) Minimum Credit Score
The minimum credit score is 550 for most homes (In situations with multiple applicants the average credit score will be used) Applicants below this score may be accepted with a co-signer or with offering a deposit above the requirement.

7) Application Process
Each application must include a Government-issued photo ID, 3 months of pay stubs as proof of income and two years of residential history with the landlord's contact information. If self employed we will need to see your last years taxes or 6 months bank statements showing deposits.  We verify employment and residential history and run a background check for each applicant. The process usually takes 2-3 business days.

8) Rental Criteria
To be accepted, you should meet all the following criteria: Gross income of 3 to 4 times the rent; 550+ credit score; no evictions, unpaid balances or late rental payments and no criminal history. Applicants who do not meet the basic Criteria, are encouraged to apply and may be accepted with a higher security deposit or co-signor.

9) Criminal History
We require no felonies. Misdemeanors may be allowed based on the situation. In general, we can work with the applicant if it wasn't a violent crime, no guns, no homicide, breaking and entering, stealing, etc

10) Rental History
We accept applicants with 24 months of good rental or mortgage history. Applicants with a prior eviction record or regular late payments may be denied. If any applicant has an eviction on file, they must prove it was due to a financial difficulty that has been resolved within the last 5 years. This exception is only allowed if there are no other collections of record, the applicant's income is 3 times the rent, the applicant has paid off the old eviction, and the eviction judgement was not over $2,000.

11) Who MUST fill out an Application
Each person over 18 years of age who's planning to occupy the property must complete an application including a Government-issued photo ID, proof of income, and residential history. There is a non-refundable fee of $50 per application.

12) Restricted Breeds
Please note that we do not have ANY dog breed restrictions as company policy, however, you would be required to provide your own pet liability insurance covering the specific dog and naming both our brokerage and the property owner as additional insured on the policy.

13) Property not listed on site or link provided
The property has either already been rented or it is not available yet.  Please check our website daily for updates.

14) Can I apply for a Coming Soon Home?
Yes, you can apply but the application will not be processed and other applications will be accepted until at least the home being made available.  We may issue denials early if the application fails to meet one of our main underwriting guidelines.

15) Application Update
To get updates on the status of your application, email processing at or call 602-912-9000 ext 821 during normal business hours

16) How many Applications do you have on this property?
You can email processing at with the property address in the subject line to find out how many applications there are.  This number is always changing and if the property is active, we are still accepting applicants.