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COG Management
Application Disclosure

All information collected for the approval or denial of this application is considered confidential in nature and for company use only. Verbal representations are non-binding. Once your application is submitted to COG Management the approval/denial and negotiation process (if any) will be handled by the Property Manager in charge of the property for which you are applying. In the event an applicant is denied an adverse action notice will be sent to the applicant. The applicant will then be able to contact the consumer credit reporting agency for additional details.

1. Your application will NOT be processed without the correct funds and all documents attached.

2. All adult applicants over the age of 18 must submit a fully completed, dated and signed rental application along with the non-refundable application fee of $50.00 per Applicant. Application fees, deposits, and all move-in fees must be remitted in the form of money orders, certified funds or cash.

3. A copy of a valid current photo ID documentation (driver's license, military ID or State ID) and Social Security Card is required.

4. We reserve the right to require a co signer.

5. Credit history and/or Civil Court Records with judgments, eviction filing, collections or liens within the past 3 yearrs may require higher security deposit.

6. Non-employed individuals must provide proof of income. Self-employed applicants are required to produce upon request 2 years of signed tax returns or 1099s and three (3) months bank statements.

7. All sources of other income must be verifiable if needed to qualify for a rental unit. This includes Disability Assistance.

8. Criminal records must contain no convictions for felonies within the past seven years and no sexual offenses ever. In the event a record comes back "adjudication withheld" further documentation may be required and applicant may be denied on this basis.

9. Previous rental history reports from landlords must reflect timely payment, sufficient notice of intent to vacate, no complaints regarding noise, disturbances or illegal activities, no unpaid NSF checks, and no damage to unit or failure to leave the property clean and without damage at time of lease termination. Any problems could require a higher security deposit. A minimum of two years residential history is required.

10. Multiple Applications – Applicant acknowledges it is entirely possible that COG Management may receive multiple applications from unrelated individual applicants on the same property at approximately the same time. We will process all applications for consideration as to what we (in our sole discretion) deem the best applicant, which may not necessarily be the first application received. In such cases, more than one applicant may be approvable, however only one will eventually be approved. Because we represent the best interest of the rental property, we will accept the best application, which may not necessarily be the first application received. In order to evaluate the various applications it is necessary for COG Management to expend time and cost in credit reports, criminal reports, and other administrative cost. All application fees are Non-refundable. If your application is approvable, but not the approved one for the property for which you are applying, you may consider applying for other available properties that we may have, without payment of an additional application fee.

11. Pets are allowed at some homes with additional pet fees and rent. The non-refundable pet fees are $300 for pets under 20lbs and $450 for pets 20lbs and larger. The additional pet rent is $35 per month per pet. See our banned dogs list for dogs that are not allowed.

12. Reservation Fee: If applicant(s) paid Reservation Fee in consideration of taking the dwelling unit off the market, this fee will be credited toward the security deposit payment. The application Reservation Fee will only be refunded if the applicant does not qualify for the home to which applied.

13. We reserve the right to require a higher security deposit and or additional prepaid rent. (Based on overall scored)

14. Since your Reservation Fee goes towards your security deposit, you will need to have funds available at the lease signing for first and last months rent.