Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is you application criteria?
In order to qualify for one of our properties, an applicant must meet certain standards. Applicants are judged on the same standards, one person or family at a time, on a first-come-first-served basis. To verify our rental standards, please visit our website at This will have a complete breakdown of our income, credit & background requirements.

2) Are Pets or ESA/Service Animals Allowed?
We do accept ESA/Service animals on any of our properties. We use a 3rd party pet policy service, all applicants must create an ESA profile via for regular household pets, please visit the ad of the property you are interested in to see if pets are allowed for the particular property. If pets are allowed, we use a 3rd party pet policy service, all applicants must create a pet profile via There is an additional per pet charge which is administered by the 3rd-party tool. Once we have received your pet screening request, we will resend the breakdown of charges with the pet-associated fees.

3) How do I apply for a property?
If the property is available, you can apply for the home by visiting our website at lake-city-homes-for-rent?sort=amount. From there, scroll to the property you are interested in, and click the grey "view details" button. Then you will see a blue "apply online" button. Click that and begin filling out the application. Please make sure to read the first page of the application as it has a lot of useful information about our process, including our rental criteria.

4) What do I need to sumbit to apply for one of the properties?
To avoid the potential for discriminatory practices inherent with picking one applicant over another, we must receive everything listed below before locking an applicant into "first position": 1. Separate signed online applications for all property occupants over the age of 18 in order to perform credit and background screening. 2. Government-issued photo ID for each adult in your party. 3. Documentation of income via one of the following methods (1 month of pay stub, last year's W2, last year's tax return, job offer letter dated in the last 30 days or past 3 months of bank statements). 4. A pet or ESA profile on (If applicable) 5. A $499 application deposit. This will be credited towards the security deposit and is 100% fully refundable if you are not approved for ANY reason (instructions for paying this will be sent to you when the 4 items above are complete).

5) Why do you require a $499 application deposit?
We understand that our leasing process may be a little different than what you have experienced in the past. Unfortunately, with discrimination being prevalent in our industry, we decided to require an application deposit upfront to avoid these practices. We are not able to pick one application over another like individual owners can and, therefore, our process is first come first served. Whoever provides all applications (including income documentation and identification), and the $499 application deposit will receive priority application position. We then evaluate the application in first position and determine if initial approval will be granted. If an applicant is denied, then the security deposit is refunded, and we move onto the next applicant who gets us everything listed. If approved, then we move forward with employment and rental verifications. This $499 deposit is fully refundable if you are not approved for ANY reason. If approved, this will be credited towards the Security Deposit or move-in balance.

6) Do you accept Section 8 Housing?
In accordance with the Fair Housing Act, we do not discriminate based on source of income and accept housing vouchers.

7) When is the property avilable? Why can't I apply or see a property I am interested in?
Please visit the ad of the property you are interested in to check the tentative availability date. Please beaware, NO SHOWINGS OR APPLICATIONS are available until the properties are listed as available now. If the property is not yet available, for you to get notified automatically once the property becomes available, we highly recommend that you fill out the pre-showing questionnaire form. You can do this by going to our website, find the property you are interested in and click the button 'Schedule a Showing'.Please know that the tentative availability date may change depending on how much maintenance, cleaning, etc. needs to be done once the current tenant vacates the property. If it says at the top of the listing: Application is currently pending on this property. Then that means the property is no longer available.

8) What is the No Deposit Option?
We offer a No Deposit Option via our third-party provider Obligo. Under this option, you won't have to pay an upfront security deposit! Obligo uses a simple qualification process and billing authorization technology to allow residents to keep their cash and only pay a deposit if the landlord has a legitimate claim for damages. Full disclosure, they do charge a small fee for this service, but it's nowhere near as much as your deposit. The monthly premiums they charge can only be determined once we have processed your enrollment with them. Once we have processed your application, we will let you know if you are eligible to take advantage of Obligo. For more information on this, please visit

9) Why do you require a credit card to schedule a showing?
With an average of 30 properties available at once, it is impossible for us to be everywhere to conduct walk- throughs for potential tenants. For this reason, we have determined that using an automated lockbox service to accommodate self-showings is the most effective and convenient way to complete showings. Unfortunately, by utilizing this system, we need to have a credit card on file for security purposes. We do not charge your credit card anything, it is just to verify your identity so we know who is walking through the property and to ensure keys are returned to the lockbox. We understand that this may be different than how you are used to walking through a rental property, but it is the only way we can accommodate showings.