Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the application Fee?
Every person over the age of 18 that will be Living in the home MUST be on the application. Each person on the application is $40  EACH.

2) How long is the Lease Term?
2 Year Lease for ALL homes.

3) Do your homes have a Deposit?
NO, none of our homes have a deposit. CB Properties has a NON refundable reservation fee on each home. If the property rent is Under $1000.00 the reservation fee is $500.00. IF the rent is Over $1000.00 the reservation fee is HALF the amount of rent. The Reservation fee does not get applied to any rent or other move ins fees. The Reservation fee, once paid on an approved application, will hold the home for 30 days from the day you pay. Your lease must be signed within the 30 days, or we will re list the home back to the public.

4) Do you accept Pets? Rescritions?
Yes we allow pets, with a one time Pet fee of $250.00 Per pet, due at the time you sign your lease. Rent amount stays the same. We would like to avoid having any Pets that are of the Bully Breed.

5) Where will i sign my lease?
Once approved you will Pay your reservation fee at the office, and then schedule your lease sign day and time.

6) Are appliances included with your rentals?
We do not supply any appliances for any home, unless otherwise stated in the description of the home. IF the home is built for a dishwasher that will be provided. IF any appliances are included with the home, it is tenant responsibility for all maintenance and upkeep of those appliances. It is understood that any and all appliances that do come with any advertised home is the rightful property of CB Properties and will remain in the home throughout the duration of the lease and after move out.

7) Do you take co signers?
NO, not at this time. Every applicant must mee the requirements themselves.