All County Community Property manag
Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do we contact you?

2) Why can't I schedule an appoinment to view a property?
This property is most likely tenant occupied or has maintenance scheduled.  Call our office for details.

3) What are your qualifications?
See these guidelines at our website under the "available rentals" tab.  Call our office for specifics at 951-800-7000.

4) Does credit matter?

5) How much is the applcation fee?
$45.00 per adult 18 years or older.

6) How do I pay the application fee?
At our website under the "available rentals" tab.

7) How do I apply?
Apply at our website under the "available rentals" tab.

8) How long does the applcation process take?
2-3 days depending on the amount of applications our department has recieved?

9) Does everyone have to apply?
Everyone who will be living in the home 18 years+ must apply and qualify

10) Help! I tried submitting an application and I received a message "I am not through"?
We received your application.  This is just a prompt letting you know to print and sign the verification's.   Don't fret we can send these to your email.

11) Do you have a dog banned breed list?
Yes, call our office to find out what breeds at 951-800-7000.

12) How man pets can I have?
Some of our homes do not accept pets an limit weight, size, kind etc.  Please call our office for specifics before you apply. There is typically a 2 pet limit.

13) Is there a pet deposit and is it refundable?
Yes, $500.00 per pet. This is refundable.

14) Do you accept Section 8?
No, we do not participate in this program