Applicants are evaluated first come, first served. The first complete application that meets our standards will be offered a lease.

If you meet the following criteria your application will be approved;


  • $40 per applicant screening fee
  • Initial move-in payment of 3x Monthly Rent (First Month, Last Month, Security Deposit)
  • Proof of stable monthly income of 2.5x Monthly Rent (or co-signer)
  • Accurate information provided pre-showing, in-person, and on application
  • Proof of renter's insurance (or purchase ours for $12/mo)
  • Acceptable proposed lease start date


  • Certain eviction history*
  • Open past-due accounts on Credit Report*
  • Significant history of missed payments on Credit Report (>5%)*
  • Significant history of missed rent payments*
  • Other history of financial irresponsiblilty, instability or dishonesty*

*other than what is excluded from consideration under the Renter's Access Act