Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do I need to move in?
The following are required 24 hours before you will get keys: 1. All required funds.  2. Proof of renters insurance 3. Proof any required utilities are in your name including account numbers

2) How long does the application process take?
If all required documents are provided when the application is submitted we will have an answer for you within 3 business days of you clicking submit on the application.  Many times sooner but this is the worse case.  Underwriting will have questions and may request additional info so the response time to those questions and request can determine if the process takes longer and can be processed faster.

3) What if the available showing times don't work for my schedule?
Email or call the listing agent at the bottom of the screen under "contact".  They will do what they can to try to accommodate your schedule.

4) How much is the application fee?
Application fee is a non refundable $60.00 per all appliancts 18 years or older.

5) Can my application be moved from one property to another?
Yes, so long as it is less than 30 days from the original submission.  Updating of documents maybe required but you won't have to pay another application fee.

6) Will I be denied if I have a bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure?
We use a point scoring system to underwrite all applications.  Bankruptcy is just a small piece of the approval process so you may still qualify if you have a bankruptcy on your record. We are open to working with anyone that has had a short sale or foreclosure.  Most often we can get you approved so long as you provide either additional deposit, last months rent, or additional prepaid rent to offset the concern of risk.

7) How much income do I need to be approved? What is the minimum credit score?
Ideally, we are looking for 3x the monthly rent but will accept as low as 2.5x the monthly rent.  Anything less will require a cosigner and the cosigner must have 5x the monthly rent to account for their housing obligations.  We use a scoring matrix for every applicant that takes numerous factors into consideration, a minimum credit score of 550 is required to be considered.

Yes, we do accept section 8 voucher holder participants on all our properties. Bedroom voucher size must cover asking rent once utility stipends are backed out. Utility allowance is taken into consideration so please be aware of what utility the resident is responsible for because this affects the approved rent amount. Some properties will not pass inspection and this may be noted in the marketing remarks.