• MINIMUM of 3 times the rent in gross monthly household income. This is your gross income BEFORE deductions are taken -- all adult applicants combined. (If you hold a Housing Choice Voucher, we will use your voucher to add to your income for qualification purposes. Don't forget to upload it to your application.)
  • A good record of on-time bill payment.
  • Any current collection/charge-off activity must be explained. We will be particularly concerned about collections with utility companies.
  • Any recent or serious criminal convictions will be carefully evaluated for risk to property or neighbors, and for risk of not paying rent.
  • Those with eviction filings in the last 7 years which have not been dismissed will not be accepted.
  • We evaluate applicants based on an overall picture. We look at credit scores, but do not rely solely on them. We will consider circumstances of bankruptcies, foreclosures/short sales, high student loan debt, and criminal records when making a rental decision.