Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long does the application process take?
As long as all documents required are attached to your application, it will take 2-3 business days to get results of your application.

2) What is the monthly income requirements?
2.5x the monthly rent.

3) What breed of dog/s are not allowed? (Based on Insurance Co. Regulations)
Akita  Alaskan Breeds (Malamute, Husky, Eskimo)  American Bulldogs Beaucerons Belgian Malinois Caucasian Mountain Dogs Chow Chow  Doberman Pinschers  German Shepherds  Great Dane  Pit Bull  Rottweiler  Saint Bernard  Staffordshire Terrier  Wolf Hybrids

4) Do you accept section 8/rent assistance?
Yes, all properties in Milwaukee. Other cities please contact our office at 262-309-6961.

5) Do you accept past evictions?
No. *** Eviction action filed within the last 5 years, regardless of outcome, will result in an automatic denial.**If any applicant has been evicted for late or non-payment of rent or for behavior that includes causing a disturbance, threatening other persons, damaging a unit, or similar reason. If a previous Landlord reports such behavior, application will be rejected.**If an applicant owes a previous landlord money, from a current or previous eviction/small claims filed against them, it will be automatically denied regardless if it is for past rent or damage/s.

6) Do you allow businesses to be ran out of the rental?
No, sorry. This is stated in all lease agreements as well.

7) Where can I apply?

8) Do you have any rentals available?
Yes, please visit our website at