Alpine Property Management

Thank you for applying with Alpine Property Management, where we take great pride in our ability to provide excellent service to all of our residents. The following screening criteria will be applied to all applications: Equal Housing Statement: Alpine Property Management does NOT discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, handicap/disability, familial status, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, medical condition or any arbitrary basis. An application fee of $45 is required for each applicant age 18 or over. Credit Report Criteria Credit
   The Beacon Score will be used as a tool, but it will not be used as a qualifier
   Student loans, medical debts and number of inquiries will not be determining factors
   A record with no credit history will not be considered negative credit
   Addresses listed on the credit report must match the application
Judgments and Collections
   If utility bills are in collection status, the applicant must present proof of payment or the application may be denied
   If an applicant has child support in collections they may be denied
   More than one bankruptcy may result in denial
   Applicant who is currently filing bankruptcy will result in a denial
Rental History Criteria
   Positive rental history for 3 or more years is preferred but not required
   Amounts currently owed to a previous landlord may result in denial
   Prior evictions may be cause for denial
   Unpaid landlord judgments may be cause for denial
   Resident currently in lease without termination agreement may be a reason for denial
   History of violent behavior toward staff or other residents, noise violations, unresolved or repeated pest control issues, or neglect of animals in home will be considered negative rental reference
   Failure to include previous landlords (within the last 3 years) will be considered an incomplete application
Income Requirements
   HUD Properties – Income guidelines established by HUD must be followed
   Housing Vouchers – Income guidelines will be followed as outlined by subsidizing program
   Conventional Units – income level must be 2.5 times the amount of the rent. Income is considered wages, Social Security, SSI, child support, trusts and estates
   Maximum credit expenses cannot exceed 20% of monthly income
Co-signer requirements
   Co-signers will be required to demonstrate 3 times the rent amount in income and Beacon score of 700 or higher in order to qualify
   Co-signers with a bankruptcy will not be approved unless the bankruptcy is greater than five years prior and the credit report shows that they have been in good credit standing since the bankruptcy
   Co-signers will be required to pay a $45 application fee
Resident Selection Criteria – Jan - 2019
This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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Resident Selection Criteria – Applicant
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Property___________________ Building/Apt#________________
Rent $_________ Housing Recipient ___Yes____No Initials______
Criminal History Criteria The record must indicate a guilty plea or conviction in order to be considered a violation. Dismissed cases will not be considered. If an applicant was incarcerated, the beginning date for the timeline of “no offenses within the last 3 or 5 years” begins at the end of the incarceration period. Any open cases will not be considered a violation for purposes of determining whether or not to accept an applicant. However, if applicant has pending charges, takes possession of unit, and is found guilty of a disallowed crime, the result will be an immediate eviction. Statement of understanding of this consequence will be required by applicant. NOTE: Where convictions listed below have resulted in incarceration, no violations of same type can have occurred since release date The following convictions are reasons to deny an applicant: No time limitation:
   A history of criminal activity (resulting in at least one felony conviction) involving crimes of physical violence to person(s) or property
   A record of other criminal acts which would adversely affect the health, safety or welfare of other residents: i.e. arson, rape, child molestation, child endangerment or abuse, registered sex offender, aggravated assault, domestic violence, murder, burglary, or robbery
   Required to register on Sex Offender Registry
Within the past 10 Years
   Felony drug distribution
   Felony drug trafficking
Within the past 5 Years
   A record of three or more offenses of driving under the influence or reckless driving
   A record of felony drug possession 

   A record of habitual offenses. Habitual will be considered three or more violations (with the exception of traffic violations not referenced above) occurring on separate occasions in the past 5 years

Within the past 3 Years
   Misdemeanor violent offence including simple assault
   Petty theft
   Misdemeanor possession or drugs or paraphernalia: more than one charge
Within the past 1 Year
   Misdemeanor possession of drugs or paraphernalia: single charge
Animal Policy Acknowledgement
   Permission of pets is determined based on Owner Approval
   504 disability (laws regarding service and assistance animals) will be followed
   Pet policy and addendums must be in place before any animal is permitted in unit
   $95 pet processing fee applies where applicable
FOR FEDERALLY BASED HOUSING PROGRAMS: By signing below, I hereby agree that I have read and understand the above Resident Selection Criteria requirements. I also understand that a credit and criminal background check is required in order for me to apply, along with a non-refundable application fee of $45 per person over the age of 18.