All County Tampa Bay Property Mgt.
Frequently Asked Questions

1) Tour Request
Please visit our website at for information about the property and to schedule viewings and to submit an application once you have viewed the property.

2) Rental Requirements
The main things that we look at on an application are income (you need to make a minimum of 2 ½ times the rent), evictions (you shouldn't have any evictions in the past 5 years), and certain felonies in the past 7 years that can be disqualifying.

3) When can I move in?
Once you have viewed the property, submitted a completed application it will take 1 to 5 business days to complete the verification process. If your application is approved you will need to pay the security deposit within 48 hours, this holds the property for you and removes it from the market. After you are approved, and all funds have been paid the move-in day is your decision.

4) Pets?
Pets are subject to breed restriction, if your pet is not one that is on the list it may be permitted if the property information states that it accepts pets. There are fees that do apply if you are approved. Pet fees are: 1 Pet:                         $250.00 + $15.00 pet rent per month. 2 Pets:                       $350.00 + $25.00 pet rent per month. (Please not that if your pet is an emotional support animal, these fees will be waived once supporting documentation is provided.)   Restricted Breeds: * Pit Bull Terriers * Staffordshire Terriers * Rottweilers * German Shepherds * Presa Canarios * Chows Chows * Doberman Pinschers * Akitas * Wolf-hybrids * Mastiffs * Cane Corsos * Great Danes * Alaskan Malamutes* Siberian Huskies