Credit Check

  • Social Security Number and Identification verification.

  • How much, often, and reasons your account has been sent to collections.

  • How much revolving debt you currently have.

  • Do you have any Past Due balances?

  • A minimum of "fair-good" credit is required for most properties.


Rental History

  • Have you ever been evicted?

  • Did you leave with proper notice?

  • How often were you late with rent payments?

  • Has there ever been a judgement placed on you by a Landlord?

  • Did you leave owing a balance?

  • Were there complaints on either yourself of your guests?

  • Did you leave the last property in good condition? How did you maintain the previous properties?


Civil and Criminal History

  • Have you ever been arrested?

  • Sexual Preditor Search

  • National Terrorist Action List

  • Have you ever been in litigation with a Landlord?



  • Do you have a job?

  • How long have you been at your job?

  • Are there other verifiable sources of Income?

  • Is your primary source of income verifiable?

  • Does your income support your debt to income?



  • All pets are considered on a case by case basis on those properties that allow pets.

  • Not all properties allow pets.

  • Must include all Pets at time of application.  Pets may not be accepted by the landlord if no pets were been included in the application or after the lease has been executed.  

  • An additional Pet Payment, Pet Administration fee, Pet Rent, or Additional Security Deposit may be required if pet is accepted.

  • It is the applicant's duty to verify if the type of pet is allowed within a Home Owner's or Condominium Association.