Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you accept residents with felonies?
We do not approve applications if there is a felony on the background report.

2) Is there a certain credit score that is necessary to be approved?
There is not a magic credit number. Anything under 500 is unlikely to be approved, but there is no guarantee of approval of anything over 500. It is a comprehensive look at what is on the credit report and how recent the credit findings are.

3) What do you qualify as 1 year of positive rental history?
Good rental history must be non-familial, able to be verified, not contain more than 1 late payment per year of rental history, not include any outstanding balance owed, not have more than normal wear and tear to a property, and must have no complaints. As well as having 1 year of positive rental history you must not have any negative rental references.

4) I have a year of positive rental history but my roommates do not, now what?
Congratulations, we just need 1 year per group.

5) Do you negotiate the prices of your rental homes?
The price of our properties is set and non-negotiable. A lot of research has been done prior to setting our prices.