Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is your credit requirement?
All property owners and landlords have different criteria but most require a credit score of 650 or above. No landlord collections or active bankruptcies accepted.

2) What if I have a criminal record?
Most misdemeanors are acceptable provided they are not within the past 3 years. Felony convictions are not accepted.

3) The property that I am interested in is not on the website
If the property is not listed then it is not available. You may check back to the site if the applicant falls out or if the property becomes available again.

4) What income is required to apply?
We require gross monthly income of 3 times the rent as a minimum requirement to apply. Income is verified through a required income verification.

5) Do you check with previous or current landlords?
We do contact current and previous landlords for rental verification. The contact information of the landlord is required in the application.

6) Where do I pay my app fee and is it per applicant?
Your app fee can be paid at the end of your application process using the "Apply Now" button on the listing. In addition, you may also request a link to pay an app fee if you apply in person at our office. Each Adult over the age of 18 must pay an application fee when applying, occupants do not need to pay an application fee.

7) How do I provide proof of income and what is needed?
You must provide proof of 3 times the rent in gross income between all applicants combined. Proof of income is required and consists of 3 months of recent paystubs, Tax Returns or Bank Statements. We utilize a secure bank inquiry confirmation system that may be required upon application. This system will confirm with the bank the income being reported on the application.

8) What if there is another application in front of mine?
We utilize a fair first come, first serve application process for all applications. The first applicant that has applied and provided all required documentation will be in the first position. If the application is declined or the applicant backs out we will move onto the next application. Should the application in the first position be approved the application fee of the next applicants will be refunded in full and the applicant will be notified.

9) What if I have a Service Animal?
Assistance animals are welcomed. Any type of assistance animal may qualify as a reasonable accommodation under the Fair Housing Act even if the animal does not have specific training. Assistance animals will not be subject to any pet fees or deposits, or breed or weight restrictions. Please note that the application section for assistance animals and verification documents are uploaded for review. Key Property Management staff will provide timely responses in writing to all requests for reasonable accommodation or modification within review.