Springfield Real Estate LLC

Application and Residency Policies v2019 (Summary)

This is a summary of our rules and qualifications for renting one of our properties. A full, more specific Application and Residency Policies is in the online application at www.zessin.twa.rentmanager.com.

  • Every person over 18 must complete an application, with $40 application fee for each person

    • With application, need copy of state issued photo ID and proof of income

  • First person who is approved AND completes the following gets the house/apartment

    • Pays First month's rent in full.

    • Signs lease sent electronically.

  • Management does not deny, reject, or approve any applications on the basis of any protected class as identified in the Illinois Human Rights Act or federal law

  • Criminal History Requirements

    • NO misdemeanor for bodily harm or intentional damage to property or manufacturing or delivery of a controlled substance in the last 3 years

    • NO felony for bodily harm or intentional damage to property or the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance in the last 7 years

    • NO sexual related offenses ever, including any that may or may not require registration.

    • NO offenses for violence against children, including any that may or may not require registration

    • NO orders of protection against any applicant in the last 3 years or no more than 2 orders of protection in any 5 year period.

  • Credit Score Requirements (average score of all applicants)

    • Scores of 601 or above will be approved

    • Scores of 500-600 will be approved if applicant also has rental assistance (Section 8 or similar) with $60 per month Credit Contingency Fee

    • Individauls with No Credit score will be allowed to rent with $60 per month Credit Contingency Fee. If applying with another applicant, Score will be calclulted as a 600

  • Rental History / Residency Requirements

    • Ideally, no evictions in the last 3 years, no more than 1 eviction ever. Otherwise:

      • Additional months deposit (or SureDeposit) for for each eviction in last 3 years

      • Additional half a months deposit (or SureDeposit) for each eviction over 3 years old

    • No more than 3 residences in the last 5 years, unless there is verifiable job or school transfers 

    • Must not owe current or previous landlord/financial institution/property manager any money.

  • Income Requirements

    • Must make 3 times the rent UNLESS:

      • IF unit includes ALL utilities, must make 2 times the rent

      • IF unit includes ALL utilities EXCEPT electric, must make 2.5 times the rent

    • No more than 3 changes in source of income in the last 5 years

  • Pet Requirements

    • ALL applicants must complete a pet profile, even if no pets, at  https://zessin.petscreening.com

      • Management currently has no restricted breeds

    • Monthly Pet Fees (if applicable)

      • 5 Paws - $25 per month

      • 4 Paws - $35 per month

      • 3 Paws - $50 per month

      • 2 Paws - $75 per month

      • 1 Paw  - $100 per month