Advantage Property Management Services
Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to I apply?
All rental applications must be submitted online here

2) What is your rental criteria?
You can review our Rental Criteria here

3) How long will it take to process my rental application?
Most applications are processed within 2-3 business days.  However, it can take longer. You can help speed up the process by submitting all the required documents right away and putting your current employer and current and past Landlords on notice that we will be contacting them.

4) Do you accept multiple applications?
Yes. If we receive multiple applications we will fully process all applications for consideration to find the best Applicant. In such cases, more than one Applicant may be approvable. Because we represent the best interest of the property owner, we will accept the best application, which may not necessarily be the first application received.  Applications remain active for 45 days and may be assigned to another property we have available for rent.

5) How can I make my application more attractive?
Ideal Applicants will have qualifications that exceed the basic criteria, will sign a longer-term lease, and will to move in on the advertised available date.

6) Do you accept Pets?
Each property we represent has a different pet policy, which is clearly stated in the rental advertising.  It's important to review this information prior to submitting a rental application to ensure your pet complies with a particular property's pet policy.  Remember, application fees are non-refundable so double check!

7) How will I know if you accept my application?
If your application is accepted, APMS will send you an “Offer to Rent” email. This email will contain the key terms that the property is being offered to you under.  There are strict deadlines outlined in the Offer to Rent email that must be followed. It's important to have your move-in funds (first month's rent and security deposit) ready to deliver to our office within 48 hours of acceptance.

8) Can I pay cash, use a personal check, or wire move-in funds to you?
Unfortunately not.  We require a cashier's check for move-in funds.