Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who can I email to ask more detailed questions about a property?
Email the Property Manager Peter Pasquale at Peter at  In the subject of your message enter your name and the street name of the property in question. For example write John Smith inquiry about Apple Lane.

2) Can I view a video of a property?
Most of our properties have a video posted at Go to and search for the property house number and name. For example search for 11 Haviland.

3) Can I get an early showing?
Probably not as we do not show our properties until they are vacant and show ready. Check the ad for the showing availibility date. We will email you if the property opens up early. To get a head start submit an application by going to and selecting APPLY NOW.

4) Where can I submit an application?
Go to and select APPLY NOW.

5) Where can I schedule a Showing?

6) What is your minimum criteria for renting a property?
Minimum criteria can be viewed on our application at

7) When will I know about the status of my application?
We try to let you know within 48 hours after you complete the application and submit all documents if you qualify. Qualification is not a guarantee that you will be chosen.  The final selection is based on a non-partial scoring system.

8) I am calling about an emergency repair, what do I do?
If you have a fire call 911. If you have a bad water leak or an urgent safety concern call 925-338-1967 until someone is able to pick up.