All County First Choice
Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will someone be here to show me the property?
No, this is a self showing. You are welcome to enter the property and view it. After viewing we ask that you lock up and place key back into the keybox. Thank You

2) How do I apply?
Please go to our website and under the Tab Available rentals you will see at the bottom Apply.

3) Where can I find the Rental Guidelines
Please go to our website and under Available Rentals you will find Rental Guidelines

4) How long will it take to get approved?
We try and have everyone approved within 72 hours but most times it takes a bit longer. You can contact our office for updates. You will contacted once you submit your application.

5) I have a low credit score will that be an issue?
We look at everything not just your credit score.

6) What is the cost per application?
The cost is $50 per person over 18 years old.

7) Will you except someone with an eviction on their credit report?
We will not except anyone with a prior eviction but call first before submitting an application.

8) Number for Help
Call 727-777-6349