Centurion Real Estate Management
Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is required along with an application for screening?
Government issued ID, two most recent pay stubs (or two years tax returns if self-employed), landlord contact for last three years.  All adults 18+ must apply and pay the application fee.

2) Deposits are based on credit.  How does that work?
Applicants with better credit and references will generally be approved at a security deposit of 1-1.2x the monthly rent.  Applicants with combined credit scores below 620, and less than perfect references may still be approved at up to double deposit and/or increased risk-rent charge.

3) What are some common reasons for being denied?
Incomplete applications, evictions, collections from landlords, credit score below 500, insufficient income, unsatisfactory references, non-discharged bankruptcies, unqualified occupants, pets (no aggressive breeds allowed), or move in dates too far in the future.  Within the last seven years, any felonies of illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, felonies resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction of property, for example "arson."  Any sexual related offenses for any time period.

4) Is Renter's Insurance required?
Renter's insurance is strongly advised, but not otherwise rewuired unless specifically noted in the property specific advertising.

5) How long does the application process take?
We begin processing applications immediately, and strive to complete them within 24-48 hours (1-2 business days).  Incomplete applications are subject to denial.  If we are not able to complete your application because we are unable to get a response from your previous landlord or your current employer or references within 2 business days, we reserve the right to deny your application and move on to the next in line.

6) What is required after an approval of my application?
You will have 2 business days after you are approved to submit funds for your security deposit and secure a move in date.  We will only hold vacant units for up to 7 days with a deposit before the rent will be due.

7) What happens if I am a back up application for a property?
We take back up applications on all of our properties, and we screen them one at a time.  It is first come, first serve.  If yours is not processed, we can either move the application to another unit, or refund your application fees back to you.  Applications are good with us for 90 days.