Pindell-Wilson Property Management

Rental Requirements & Policies

$60 Application fee per person is payable in cash or money order only and is Non-Refundable



  • $60 per individual Over 18 years old - Non-Refundable Application Fee.
  • Valid picture ID
  • If a qualified co-signer is required they must also pay an application fee. A security deposit of a month and a half of rent is required for all approved applicants with a co-signer.
  • Once approved a security deposit and signed lease is required immediately to hold the unit and a

$100 Administrative Fee must be paid by money order, cashier’s check or cash.


  • Monthly gross income of all applicants should be equal to or above three (3) times the monthly rent.
  • Unemployed applicants will need to provide some form of verifiable income source or ability to pay.
  • Tax returns, bank statements, paychecks, or employer confirmation are acceptable income verifiers.
  • Self-employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous year’s tax returns.


  • Pindell-Wilson Property Management has the discretion of setting a security deposit amount under the following criteria:
  • Obtain credit report on each Applicant – A credit score of 600-650 will likely result in a security deposit equal to one month and a half of rent dependent on the following: Rental history, excessive charge offs, collection activity, income to debt ratio, judgments & evictions.
  • A credit score of 651 and above is approved with one month security deposit assuming all other standards are met.
  • “No credit score” may be approved with a security deposit equal to one month and a half of rent. 
  • A security deposit is determined based on the lowest credit score of all applicants.
  • A qualified co-signer must have a credit score of 651 or higher.


  • Maximum of 2 people per bedroom.


  • A credit score below 600.
  • Any judgments, eviction or collection by a past landlord or property management companies within the last 3 years.
  • Any felony convictions within the past 7 years & an excessive criminal history including arrests for violent crimes, drugs, etc.
  • Any discrepancies or misrepresentations on the rental application.