Real Property Management Corazon
Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is CreditCare?
Real Property Management Corazon works with Abodea to provide the following benefits with CreditCare:  Improve your credit score quickly - Positively increase your buying power - Gain better interest rates - Have portable rental history - Establish yourself in the credit world - Dark Web monitoring - Lost wallet protection - Credit alerts - Highly trained and certified Recovery Experts - 24/7 US based customer care.  All for $10 per month per resident age 18+

2) What is Renters Insurance?
Renters insurance is required coverage provided by the tenant.  This helps protect your personal property and protect you and us from risk such as one of your guests slipping and falling.  Real Property Management Corazon provides coverage for $9.50 per month unless you provide proof of your own coverage.  Because many insurance companies give better rates when you "bundle" different kinds of coverage, such as auto, life, and renters insurance, it is a good idea to talk with your insurance agent about this coverage to see if you can do better than $9.50 per month, or $114 per year.

3) What is PetScreening?
PetScreening is a wonderful service that helps you build a behavior record for your pets, making it easier for you to rent now and in the future by showing landlords and others how good your pets are.  Real Property Management Corazon requires PetScreening profiles for all residents, including for assistance animals.  You can visit to learn more.