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We may be able to help you rent an apartment home!
We specialize in placing people with a hiccup in their credit into nice apartments all over Michigan. We accept referrals and add new property selections every day. We are honest, dedicated, and sincere in placing you in affordable housing. Everyone qualifies based on income. No hidden agenda.

Schedule an appointment to speak by phone. If you have any questions and feel this program will assist you with living in a safe place close to work or school, please register by scheduling a call with an Agent. You will need to share your criteria in the attached survey questions when schedule the call. This will provide the Agent with the information to assist you. Please click on the Application Criteria (Red link). This link will share with you the criteria for our low credit programs to assist you today.

To download the steps into your phone --> Simply text LIVEIAG to 36260 <--> Or just Click below to download LiveIAG's mobile app: for the All-in-one-App - it includes everything you need in the palm of your hand! One touch away from RENTS, REPAIRS and COACHING!

More details:

--> *Do you need guidance to search for an apartment community in your area?
--> *Are you having trouble with finding an apartment because of credit?
--> *Is this your situation? If so, look no further, IAG signs leases for people with bad credit.
--> *It is up to you to find the apartment in the community you want to live.
--> *You must pass a background check.

We are committed to offering you better resources to connect with housing, education, and credit repair services. You can also copy and paste this link:

Our Mission is to Serve As:

--> Resident Sponsor <-- We give people with a hic-up in their life’s journey an opportunity to start over again.
--> Second Chance <-- We all know someone who deserves a second chance helping to part of their rebound.
--> Desired Home <-- We enable the ability to live in a Desired Home close to employment and/or school district.
--> Repair Your Credit <-- We will help coach you how to repair your credit.

Onward to better living!

Your Friendly LiveIAG Team
Mike SunInnovative Apartment Group517.253.9992