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Application to be Added to a Lease
10725 SW Barbur Blvd. - General Application Submittal - Suite 200
Portland, OR 97219
$0 / month
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Thank you for your interest in our property!

Please read the instructions carefully and thoroughly before completing the application. This application is to apply to be a roommate or added on to an existing lease at one of our homes. Be certain to provide all the required information and to upload all required documents. If you have any questions, contact us during normal business hours at 503-224-3002 or email us any time at

We process applications on a FIRST COMPLETE APPLICATION RECEIVED, FIRST PROCESSED basis. An application is considered complete when:
 All applicants have completed the application
 Provided the required documentation
 Paid the application fee and submitted the application
 Created a pet profile regardless of pet ownership, by going to our link at

You will be contacted by our leasing office regarding the status of your application. Complete applications are generally finalized within 2-3 days.

We are equal housing opportunity provider pledged to the U.S. Policy for the Achievement of Equal Housing Opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support a program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, Marital Status, Source of Income, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity or National Origin.

1. All adults (18+ y/o) intending to live in the property must submit an individual application and pay the application fee of $65.
Applications in a group will not be screened until all applicants in that group have submitted their applications.

2. Applications will not be processed until fees for all applicants are paid. This includes third-party agencies and co-signers as applicable. Complete applications are processed and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

3. Complete the application in full. Include current and past residences within the last 3 years with complete landlord information and contact numbers. Please notify your references to expect our call or return our call right away so that we are able to process your application quickly. UNRETURNED CALLS FROM REFERENCES ARE THE LARGEST CAUSE FOR DELAY IN PROCESSING APPLICATIONS.

4. Upload the following documents as you fill out the application. Your application cannot be submitted or considered complete until the required documentation is provided
a. One of more of the following proof of identification:
i) Evidence of a Social Security Number
ii) Valid Permanent Resident Alien Registration Receipt Card
iii) Immigration Visa
iiii) Individual Tax Payer Identification Number (IFTN),
b. 2 months’ most recent Pay Stubs/ Proof of Income and Employment (For Employed)
c. 2 years’ most recent Income Tax Returns OR 6 months’ bank statements (For Self-Employed)
d. All applicants, including non-pet or animal owners, must go to to create a pet profile
as part of our application and pet screening process

5. Real Property Management Solutions highly encourages all Applicants or their Agents to physically tour the home BEFORE renting a property. Our office is not responsible for an applicant who is not satisfied with a property if they have not physically toured the property before signing a Lease Agreement. All properties are rented AS-IS unless specified differently in writing.

We will (1) check your credit report; (2) check for any past evictions; (3) verify your employment, if applicable; (4) verify personal income; (5) verify your previous landlord references; and (6) perform a criminal background screening.

Evictions within 5 years, unpaid balances due to landlords, sex offender history, significantly past due or in collections credit accounts, insufficient income, unsatisfactory references, felonies within 7 years, and bankruptcies or foreclosures within 5 years. Unqualified occupants, pets and/or vehicles can also be a reason for the decline.

Our occupancy standard is an occupant count of 2 occupants per bedroom plus 1 more per dwelling. Your application will not be considered if your group exceeds our occupancy standard.

If Applicant(s) make any derogatory or offensive comments, and/or act in a threatening, combative, intoxicated or disorderly manner, during any phase of the inspection, meeting or application process will result in a denial of your application.

We will process all complete applications in the order they are received. Please note: Applications must be complete before they are processed: All information and documentation must be submitted, all fees must be paid, all pets must be disclosed through the pet profile using our third-party pet screening service, all third-party agency assistance must be approved, and all co-applicants and/or co-signers must have applied with complete applications as well. If your application is not complete when another complete application is received, your application is no longer first in line. We will process all applications in the order they are complete. In such cases, more than one applicant may be processed, and the application finalized and approved first will be offered the property first. We are not responsible for any delays in processing due to incomplete application submission or unreturned calls from references. We will not disclose the number of applicants currently submitted unless requested.

If your application is approved, we will offer a HOLD AGREEMENT for you to sign that confirms your move in date. All move in dates must be within two weeks of signing the Hold Agreement. We do not hold properties for longer than 2 weeks. In addition, a Hold Agreement Fee is required in order to secure the property up to the move-in date. The Hold Agreement Fee transitions to your Security Deposit only after your Lease Agreement is signed by you as "Resident" and our office as "Agent."

When we receive your signed Hold Agreement, along with the Hold Agreement Fee, we will remove the property from all advertising.

Thank you again for your interest in our property! If you have any questions, be sure to get clarification BEFORE you submit your application.
$0 / month
Available now
Real Property Management