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Your New 2 Bedroom's Got It Going On
2118 Westheimer Road - B-673
Houston, TX 77098
$2,509 / month
2 bedrooms
2 full baths
Working with me

Hi, I’m Alex. Apartment locator extraordinaire. I hold many dubious titles. Lord of Leasing. Sommelier of Square Feet. Connoisseur of Condos. Baron of Boutique Living Spaces. Duke of Dens.

Don’t let this unusual array of titles intimidate you however. Working with me is quite simple. Some would even say it’s a delight! Send me your apartment wish list and I will take care of the rest. We’ll drive around in my gas powered chariot to your favorite options while I ramble on about wonderful places to eat in Austin until we find the perfect place to call home for you.

“They would welcome us as liberators!” we once thought. But time has past, and our thoughts have evolved. It turns out, things are much more complicated than that. Your rowdy brigade of girl-scout-cookie wielding middle schoolers started off with a noble mission. To liberate Houston from the horrors of cardboard tasting gluten free baked goods. It turns out your overzealous cookie crusade went a little overboard.

What started off as a few boxes of Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties has slipery-sloped its way into you become a ruthless cookie kingpin wielding vast powers all over the country. The Al Capone of Caramel Delights some call you. Some quiver in fear of you, others revere your swift handed justice. But most importantly, you now can afford to live in that stunning Houston apartment complex you’ve been dreaming out. Yes, the one you’re looking at right now. It’s amazing. It’s about time you’ve upgraded isn’t it?


Work Spaces, and coffee bar
Private stretching area
Internet Cafe with Wi-Fi
Conference Room w/plush seating
Catering kitchen w/ serving bar
Social Lounge
Sparkling pool w/ lounge area
State-of-the-art cardio equipment
Catering kitchen w/ serving bar
Poolside gas grills
Multi-Level Fitness Center
Private conversation nooks
Outdoor fireplace
Conference Table w/ connectivity
Flat screen TVs, and shuffle board
Poolside gas grills
Rooms and Interior
  • High ceilings
  • Hardwood floors
  • Fireplace
  • Family room
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Sun room
  • In-unit storage
  • Balcony
  • Walk-in closet
  • Ceiling fans
  • Master bath
Kitchen and Bath
  • Eat-in kitchen
  • Chefs kitchen
  • Hardwood cabinets
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove / oven
  • Microwave
  • Floor heat in bathroom
Utilities and Extras
  • Air conditioning
  • Parking available
  • Laundry in unit
  • Internet access available
Building and Surroundings
  • High-rise
  • Wheelchair access
  • Patio
  • Private patio
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Playground
  • Basketball court
  • Waterfront
Amenities and Services
  • Fitness center
  • Dry cleaner on site
  • Lounge / club room
Lease Terms
  • Pets negotiable
  • Dogs ok
  • Cats ok
$2,509 / month
2 bedrooms
2 full baths

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